6000 block of South King Drive

Black Disciples (formerly GD’s)


O’Block, Front$treet 061, 300 Lamron, Black Gate 054…

STL.EBT, Jaro City, TW, 051YM, MOB…

600 (60th and King Drive) is a Black Disciple set. They were founded by D’Thang, with some co-creators like Lil Boo. In their prime days, 600 was one of the most dangerous sets, the sets they are into it with are Jaro City, STL/EBT, Tyquan Word, 051YoungMoney and some of their allies are O’Block, Fronstreet. They also are known for names like D’Block, LAGang, Steve Drive.


600 were formerly a Gangster Disciple set which went by the name Brick City. As surrounding BD sets were becoming allies and cliquing up they had no choice but to flip sets. The whole area became BD. “D’Thang 3x” was the main founder of 600. The set is know for having very talented rappers (L’A Capone, RondeNumbaNine, Booka, Edai…)

Alot of the top shooters of this set are locked up or dead, they used to be feared around Washington Park / Woodlawn area for their cold blooded hits. Some members even did hits on their bikes.


600 is close to being inactive as most of the gang members aren’t really “out there”. Most members of 600 go to O’Block and stay there for protection and also to offer their help. All the shooters are locked up are dead only a few remain. 600 isn’t also what It used to be, alot of members turned against each other since the alleged Tay600 snitch situation, other members had also their fallouts due to personal reasons.